Wasatch County Transmission Level

CDC COVID-19 Community Level
State of Utah's COVID-19 Transmission Index: Wasatch County

The State of Utah's COVID-19 Transmission Index is a balanced approach intended to protect communities. Data is analyzed weekly, and counties are placed into a transmission level depending solely on what their data show. Changes from a lower level to a higher level may occur weekly. Changes from a higher level to a lower level may occur every 14 days at minimum, when thresholds are met.

Visit coronavirus.utah.gov/utah-health-guidance-levels for more details, including recommendations for individuals and businesses

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Signage & Printable Materials

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Sign: WEAR A MASK (FOR Community)

Sign: COVID-19 Health Alert

Sign: Do Not Enter if Sick

Sign: Restaurants & High Risk

Sign: Masks Required

Sign: Physical Distancing