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This page provides COVID-19 data for Wasatch County.  Visit to see statewide data.

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Wasatch County Data

UPDATED: January 20, 2022 (12:00 PM)
Data is for the entire pandemic: from March 2020 to present
As reported by the Utah Department of Health on 1/20/2021   


Total Cases


Active Cases






Vaccine Breakthrough Cases


Percent of Fully-Vaccinated People Who Have Tested Positive


Breakthrough Hospitalizations


Percent of Fully-Vaccinated People Hospitalized Due To COVID


Breakthrough Deaths


Percent of Fully-Vaccinated People Who Died Due to COVID
Active Cases:  The number of confirmed cases whose first positive laboratory test was reported within the past 21 days, excluding deaths.

Breakthrough Cases:  The number of infections that occurred in fully-vaccinated people (at least 14 days after their final COVID-19 vaccine dose, excluding booster doses).


At Least One Dose




Fully Vaccinated




Percentage of Residents Who Have Received at Least One Vaccine Dose
Total Population
Eligible Population*
Percentage of Residents Fully Vaccinated
Total Population
Eligible Population*

*Eligible Population:  All Wasatch County residents age 5 years and older.


Laboratory Results:  Results are presented by the date a sample was tested, if this data is unavailable it is reported by the date the result was reported to the Utah Department of Health.  Laboratory positives may not match confirmed cases due to ongoing investigations, confirmatory testing, and reporting lag.

Percent Positivity (Person/Person):  Percent positivity based on the total number of unique individuals who tested positive divided by the total unique number of people tested (i.e., the number of people tested positive over the number of people tested).  This method does not account for people who have had repeat positive or negative tests in the past 90 days. This is the method the State of Utah used to report percent positivity from the beginning of the pandemic through February 11, 2021.

Percent Positivity (Test/Test):  Percent positivity based on the total positive tests divided by the total number of tests administered (i.e., the number of all positive tests over the number of all tests in a day).  This method accounts for people who have repeat positive or negative test results and more accurately reflects an increase in testing. This is the method used by the State of Utah to report percent positivity starting February 18, 2021.


Global Map of Cases