Low Risk Phase

Utah’s social distancing efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 have been working. Forward progress won’t be instant like flipping a switch - it’ll be more like gradually moving a dial. On this page your can download the phased guidelines, attestation forms, and signs/flyers that meet the requirements of the guidelines.


A color-coded health guidance system has been developed by the State of Utah to guide health behaviors for individuals and businesses. Each level of the dial is guided by a rigorous measurement system which can be different by each region, county, city, or community.

Click to download the phase guidelines



Event Planning Template & Attestation Forms

Event Planning Template

Click HERE for the state event planning template


Attestation Forms

In order to operate during this low risk phase, all businesses should do the following:

  1. Download and complete the attestation form for the appropriate business category, including signature by the business owner or manager.  Please check the boxes on the list to complete the form.  If your business does not fit any of the categories, complete the “General Business” attestation form.
  2. Submit completed and signed forms to the Wasatch County Health Department.  You may submit forms either by email (send to he@wasatch.utah.gov), fax (435-654-2705), or in-person
  3. A representative from the health department will review the completed form and return it by email.
  4. Keep a copy for your records – You may post it if so desired showing that you have attested to the moderate risk phased guidelines.

If you cannot identify your business type from the guidelines, complete the General Employer attestation and call for assistance: 435-657-3276.

Signage & Printable Materials

Click on images to download a pdf copy of the materials.

Sign: For Business Entrances (Option 1)

Sign: for Business Entrances (option 2)

Sign: Do Not Enter If Sick

Sign: Restaurants & High-Risk (Option 1)

Sign: Restaurants & High-Risk (Option 2)

Sign: Social Distancing

Sign: Wear a Mask

Flyer: Low Risk Phase

Flyer: Protecting High-Risk Individuals